Towing Downtown Los Angeles

Towing Downtown Los Angeles is your local emporium for all things towing!  If you’re in Downtown Los Angeles, and you’re stranded, broken down, or experiencing an accident, we’re the tow truck providing company to call upon to assist you with the towing transport of your vehicle.  Located at the heart of Los Angeles, our varying-sized tow trucks have been the focus of our powerful services to tow and transport your vehicle for you.  Give us a call at (213) 261-0949 for professional technicians to come to your aid when you need it most.

Our Tow Truck Services

Towing Downtown LA

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Downtown LA is the area with over a thousand businesses, millions of residents, and hundreds of cars.  Every day, there is bound to be at least a couple dozen cars that leave their owners stranded, but thank goodness our company and tow trucks are around to assist with such needs.  Towing Downtown Los Angeles doesn’t have to be stressful, and we’re definitely proof that it doesn’t have to be complicated, nor cost you an arm and a leg.

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Towing Downtown Los Angeles

Towing Downtown Los Angeles has the largest fleet of various-sized tow trucks to adapt to all of your towing needs!  From the ever versatile wheel lift tow trucks, to the flatbed transport beds.  We also carry medium and heavy duty towing services, for vehicles that are just too heavy for our other tow trucks.  Vehicles like these include motor homes, RVs, big rigs, semi-trucks, and box cargo trucks.  We can tow your vehicle even if it’s smaller, such as vans, SUVs, trucks, cars, and even motorcycles.  Not a lot of companies offer these services, but we’re dedicated to bringing you to your destination, and making sure that your vehicle comes with you.

Other Services that Downtown LA Towing Provides

Downtown Los Angeles TowingA normal sized car usually weighs roughly eight thousand pounds, and a heavier duty vehicle usually weighs tons more.  If your car or truck is stuck in a ditch, on a curb, or even over a wall, our tow trucks are equipped with the right tools and gear to make sure that your vehicle will be pulled away in a working matter, and that your vehicle will be less likely damaged in the process through our careful technicians.    We also provide a variety of services including dead battery jump starts, unlocking a car lockout, changing a flat tire change with a spare and even providing your car with gas or diesel if you’re stranded away from a gas station.

Local Towing Downtown Los Angeles

All of our tow truck drivers have been certified by the commissioner of towing services in Los Angeles, California, so between their professional skills and their charisma, it’s no wonder that our drivers are rated high marks as the tow truck drivers of Downtown LA.  Give Towing Downtown Los Angeles a call today immediately at (213) 261-0949 for our technicians to come to your aid when you’re in dire need of towing services or roadside assistance today!

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    We have all types of tow trucks in Downtown Los Angeles models to handle light, medium and heavy duty vehicle recovery services. With our fully equipped vehicle fleets, we make sure that there is no task too small or too big to handle.

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